Park Survey Results for Krugerville Woodland Park

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Comment & Suggestion data from our citizens:

A charging station for mobile devices would be a nice feature. Fountain in Lake.
Bathroom facilities would be great
Love living in Krugerville. Great community
Thank you for this opportunity to be included in the Park plans. I am very excited and very much appreciate all the City is doing.
I love living in Krugerville
We should look at, security fencing, connecting parking lots, donations for park equipment, and some type of restroom facilities
Bathroom Area/Porta Potty
It would be used more if it were mowed more often. Weeds get high before mowers show up. Also a big fountain in the pond would be nice.
Family friendly
Plant native!!!!
Please have the playground equipment covered so that it all can be enjoyed without worrying about getting sunburned.
Pavillion and covered sitting area for events
What about soccer or baseball/softball field since the AISD is the only one that doesnt help the AAYSA and it has to do everything based on donations and volunteers while other communities have beautiful fields. What about a sprinkler park......for the HOT SUMMERS!!! These are really needed and widely used.
This park will hopefully be one that is outside the norm. Take full advantage of trails, woods, fishing and a dock and leave sports activities at school or in other surrounding parks and personal back yards!
Some trees would be nice around a walking trail for shade.
A dog park area if possible
Possibility of renting for family outings
Please remember that all wildlife was there previous to building the park, and animals and their habitat should be taken into consideration and respected. Before the park opening we noticed the beaver dam was on fire, and we pray this was not an intentional burn.
Looking forward to it!
Benches in shade to sit and enjoy; put back a lot of the nature that was torn out to create the "park"; this is not an appealing place right now.
A small bathroom would be nice!
Nature/ green belt trails. Walking and biking! Lots of shade.
A water park
A dog park separated by small and large dogs would be nice
The more natural and quiet the area is kept,the better off it will be with the exception of city events and concerts.
Would love and use daily a walking/jogging/bike path around the lake.
Covered picnic areas
Please allow a bigger area for food truck vendors to be able to set up.
Some fountains in the water or something like that to keep the water from becoming stagnant.
Limited access to basketball courts & tracks in the greater Aubrey area. I would appreciate a walking track with some shade trees & outdoor lighting to walk at night.
Can we have families purchase bricks with last names & current year & maybe add it to the ground on a/the walking trail? Maybe at $50 or $100 a brick?
A splash pad would make a nice fit in the park since none of the subdivisions have a community pool that I am aware of.
Sell the sandpit. It is a waste of taxpayer money and the place is a high liability.
Like Natual areas.
Keep up the good work.
bathrooms would be nice too
spaces dedicated for outdoor art installations, pickelball court(s),adult exercise stations (, Educational/Historical Displays regarding the history of Krugerville ,BBQ grills'benches along a walking trail,dedicated dog park
A walking trail would be very beneficial.
Would love a splash pad area just for Krugerville residents. A shaded park would be amazing.
It would be nice to see the city run some kids programs. The ones at the library are during the day.
Frisbee Golf along trail.
Really want the lighting to not infringe on our country life. Any nighttime lights should be kept to a minimum and installed with down direction only and possibly shielded to keep light pointed down.
We would love to see the dead trees removed from the lake. I great walking trail is a must. Thank you for all your hard work for Krugerville!
A park with a shade canopy would be amazing for the kids to actually play when it is warm
Paved walking trail.
Overall, really would love a park & fishing pier most!
Monuments for The Woodlands
Frisbee Golf Course? Rate at 5
would love to see a paved pedestrian loop around the pond. would probably use it almost every day!
Please keep a sufficient amount of water in the lake/pond, especially in the summer... Thanks!
I like the idea of having a venue for small events like a Taste of Krugerville with vendors from the 380 corridor or craft fares, but want to see the preservation of trees and such so as to preserve the feel of a park rather than the town trying to develop a spot to use the space to hold events it simply is too small to accommodate. I would like to see this used for Christmas tree lightings and other things that many folks grew up with in smaller towns even as everything is growing up all around.
Dog park, if possible
Adequate lighting and seating are a must.
The city park along I-35 (west side) on the south end of the City of Sanger is a good example, it incorporates everything you have listed for voting
Please keep the area natural and away from the residences surrounding the water. The privacy and the safety of the families should be considered during the planning.

City of Krugerville Woodland Park Survey